Pants Off With Chip



In Los Angeles during the summer of 1985, Chip Foster created his first series of hand painted shorts and tee-shirts. During that time, he wasn’t known for being an amazing and talented designer, he was just some crazy Canadian living in LA, selling clothes out of the back of his jeep. Not only did it seem unrealistic that someone was selling items out of the back of their jeep but Chip was actually able to sell those items and run out of them, almost overnight.

The vision from the beginning was simple, to make pieces that were authentic enough to be considered classic! Chip wanted to make people value the finer things in life, just like he did. It’s not always just about the bigger picture, living in the moment and having something comfortable to wear is more important. For Chip, it is always about those finer details. The details that can make or break you, even without your knowledge.

Over the years, Chip made a name for himself by selling one of a kind vintage denim pieces out of his Melrose outpost Golf Punk. His knowledge of the history of denim and his eye for construction and fit made him a resource to some of Hollywood’s biggest celebs and for shoppers who traveled to the Melrose store from across the globe.


In 2001, Chip expanded his business even further by launching Chip & Pepper with his twin brother. 13 years later, it is now sold in over 500 stores worldwide.


After 30 years of experience, Chip Foster’s vision remains unchanged. In 2014 with the launch of Chip Foster’s namesake collection his vision from 30 years ago remains the same, to sell denim that is both comfortable and versatile. The designer collection sets a new standard for denim and fills a space in the market for classically finished pieces that are rich in craftsmanship. The collection is inspired by California summers spent on the beach and the mountain lakes of Chip’s native home, Canada. It features exquisite details such as the champagne cotton stitching, selvedge denim detailing and the signature shark tooth stamp and brass shackle from the front left belt loop make Chip Foster instantly recognizable as a new leader in designer denim.


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